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Dig your heart and rip your soul

What is our mask?
Did we get it ourselves or was it forced on?
Dare we not remove it to face the skin and bones beneath it, or are we only ourselves when with it on?
Does it bring us courage and faith, or it is nothing other than a disguise to conceal our dirty souls?

And what it means of being different?
Does it make us weak?
Are we strong only when we are of the same, say, appearance at least?

As I being not so professional a spectator, the ONLY pity of this movie, in my eyes, is that the exquisite framing and designing of it has paled and tempered its thoughs and spirits.
Hope those identically dressed people at the end of the movie would not let that night--lit up by the fireworks and a nameless man's life--ever out of their mind.

Power can force the flesh, but not the soul.

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